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Supported Employment Service
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If you have a disability or health condition and are interested in finding a job, Supported Employment Service (SES) can help you.  We can create a Vocational Profile for you - A Vocational Profile is about you:  where you live, what you do, have you worked before, what skills and qualities do you have and what employment goals would you like to achieve.

We will plan how to get you back to work by helping you decide:

  • What kind of job you would be able to do?
  • How many hours you would be able to work?
  • What kind of support you would need in work?

We will also help you to develop employability skills to:

  • Develop a CV
  • Improve your job search and interview skills

We will speak to employers on your behalf and tell them:

  • About supported employment and the services we offer
  • How we will support you in the job
  • How we can support them

Once you are in work we will make sure you get all the help and support you need  to sustain your job.


To make a referral to our service please use FORT or complete the attached referral form and

Post to:-

Supported Employment Service, Skills Development and Conference Centre, Midfield Road, Mitchelston Industrial Estate, Kirkcaldy, KY1 3NL.

or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.