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Some of the service's we offer include refuge accommodation, information in relation to benefits and rights, emotional support for women and children to work through their issues and understand their experiences, counseling, liaison and advocacy with other agencies, for women and children, to ensure the best possible support is received.

We will listen to women and believe them.
We will not tell them what to do but we will support them in the decisions they make and respect their choices.
We can provide information about their legal rights, housing options and entitlement to benefits.
We can provide refuge space or a safe place to stay for women and their children who need to get away.
We will not tell anyone what they have said or even that they have been to see us.
We can offer company and support if they have to go to court, see a solicitor or go to Council offices.


We accept incoming referrals via FORT and we make outgoing referrals via FORTIcoming Outgoing logo