16+ Learning Choices

Holistic post-school one-to-one employability support and advocacy for vulnerable young people between the ages of sixteen and eighteen.
16+ Learning Choices
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Within Opportunities for All, 16+ Learning Choices is a Scottish Government approach to ensure that all young people have an ‘offer’ of formal learning post 16 i.e. continuing in school, further education, higher education, government training programmes (for example Employability Fund), employment (including Modern Apprenticeships) and volunteering. Importantly, 16+ Learning Choices also recognises the value of non-formal learning through a programme of activity that develops social and employability skills as a first step.16+ Learning Choices is a significant aspect of the senior phase of Curriculum for Excellence.

Support will be provided which matches the needs of every identified young school leaver; all eligible leavers are the focus of monitoring in their final year at school. This process allows the early identification of young people who are not ready for further education, training or employment and who may benefit from additional one-to-one support to re-engage them with their learning and development and sustain them through their transition to a positive destination.  

This support for the selected individuals is provided by the 16+ Transition Key Worker (linked to each High School) who will make initial contact with the young person to establish a relationship prior to their school leaving date. The 16+ Transition Key Worker will then maintain regular contact with clients to identify ongoing needs and to draw up and review flexible action plans through use of the Teen Star assessment tool. Meetings with young people take place in a variety of community and / or educational settings (including the young person’s home, school and local community centre or social setting); meetings take place whereverthe young person feels most at ease and with additional support if need be.To support young people to progress along the pathway, the 16+ Transition Key Worker has responsibility for coordinating a young person’s Learning Agreement through participation in a NOLB Programme, a volunteering opportunity, in community provision or a combination of these; the 16+ Transition Key Worker will monitor progress, provide advice and support where relevant and will liaise with any supporting staff around the young person. An allowance of £30 per week may be paid to those eligible through the Educational Maintenance Allowance process based on attendance and participation.

Support will be maintained until the client makes a successful transition into college, training or employment and sustains this for a period of 4 weeks. Transition could occur at any stage however, from experience, it will typically be within a year. Exceptionally, a small number of clients may continue to be supported beyond this period; this is usually linked toeither a specific diagnosis that has not previouslybeen identified or a change in the young person’s health and / or personal circumstances.

16+ Learning Choices is an active member of Fife Council's EASYP partnership under the Scottish Government's NOLB Commission.

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