16+ Learning Choices

16+ Learning Choices
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  • 16 + plus learning choices aims to:  
  • To increase the number of young people in positive and sustained destinations post 16 i.e. at school, Higher Education, Further Education, Training and Employment.
  • To reduce the number of young people (aged 16-19) not in education, employment and training (NEET).  

    In Fife there are now multi agency 16+LC teams established in each of the 19 mainstream secondary schools which meet regularly to clarify options available to the next cohort of school leavers and to refer anyone for keyworker support that is identified as requiring this over this transition period.

    Important: This offer now applies to anyone under 18 leaving any episode of learning, regardless of setting.

    In 2009 the Government strengthened non formal learning by introducing Activity Agreements (AA) as an outcome within 16+ LC. These are activities which seek to engage young people not ready to access formal learning. Fife was one of only 10 local authorities invited to pilot AA’s until March 2011 and this has now been rolled out across Scotland. An Activity Allowance of £30 per week may be paid to those eligible, through the Educational Maintenance Allowance process. The content of each Activity Agreement is negotiated between the Activity Agreement keyworker and their clients.

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