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The Family Support Service aim to ensure support for our vulnerable and at risk families in conjunction with other agencies. e do this by:


Providing a range of targeted supports and interventions (including case work and group work programmes) to vulnerable children, young people and their families;
Working with families in a holistic way to address issues of concern;
Helping to build the capacity of individuals and families to secure better outcomes;
Working in partnership with others to facilitate co-ordinated and integrated service delivery and supporting the 'Getting it Right for Every Child (GIRFEC)' approach in Fife.

Getting it Right for Every Child (GIRFEC) aims to create a network of support around the child to promote well-being. This network will always include family and/or carers and the universal health and education services. Where there are concerns about children’s well-being, GIRFEC is designed to help practitioners pick up those concerns appropriately and deal with them in a timely and proportionate way. Sometimes this can be done through a single agency; at other times, because of the complexity of the child’s situation, a multi-agency response will be necessary.

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