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Penumbra envisages a society where people with mental health problems expect recovery and are accepted, supported and have the resources to fulfil their potential. This vision is an overarching view of what we are trying to achieve through the activities and services of Penumbra.

To acheive this vision we will provide, support and influence services and activities that improve the mental health and wellbeing of people. To achieve this we shall seek creative and innovative solutions and work in partnership with agencies and people who share our vision.

Our Strategic Plan identifies five key strategic aims which describe how we will direct our activities towards achieving our vision.

Recovery | To ensure that all mental health services and activities are hopeful, personalised and recovery focused.

People | To ensure a highly valued, skilled and involved workforce.

Innovation | To develop, support and provide innovative responses that; promote recovery, social inclusion and citizenship for people with mental health problems.

Influence | To promote mental health and wellbeing in communities by influencing; policy makers, funders and others.

Improvement | To ensure quality and continuous improvement in all business processes to achieve our mission.

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